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June 30, 2014 / thackersam

June 29 – Warren Zevon – Learning to Flinch

ZevonGuess what I found in the Barnes and Noble discount rack? It isn’t what I would have chosen as my first Warren Zevon purchase, but I do love the word discount. This is a live acoustic solo album of various worldwide performances in 1992. It starts off very interesting then drags, so not for workouts. But what a character he was. Many of us who know of Warren Zevon first heard of him through “Werewolves of London,” (not written for the later release movie American Werewolf in London for which I have a great Vicki story). What a perfect blend of voice and song, the voice itself kind of menacing and the tone sneering and mocking. He’d been around for a long time before this song was released, and pretty respected in the industry. Linda Ronstadt had a hit with Zevon’s “Poor Poor Pitiful Me,” of which I do like her take, but then Zevon’s version seems to suck all emotion from the song sounding like his brand of sarcasm. It’s fascinating. I’ll admit, something about Zevon kind of scared me at first. Not the song, but something about the guy. I think it may have been his high degree of coolness. He was like a more lively and melodic Tom Waits and not at all as gravelly. His words were so well strung together and presented. Maybe that’s why I didn’t explore his work further. I love irony and he was too good at it. We must know by now how much I love “Excitable Boy.” But with the wit and wisdom of Warren Zevon so daunting, I was not surprised to learn that he had a dark side that made him a bad husband and father, so I read, but it also made him a great songwriter and artist. I think that he deserves further exploration and I will do so when I borrow a friend’s Best of CD.


The Netherlands beat Mexico in the World Cup today. I’m ¼ Dutch and have a Dutch step-mother.

I’ve been wearing my shorts out more often on weekends now and have to remember what that results in when you sit in a metal openwork based chair.

Paul McCartney is well again and resuming his tour, ready to rock ‘n roll. I have been Ramming in his honor. Rock on Paul McCartney. Rock on.

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