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June 21, 2014 / thackersam

June 20 – The Association – Flashback with The Association

AssociationI bought this CD long before I purchased my record player and before the exercising through my albums from A to Z was even a thought in my mind. It was on sale at Barnes & Noble, which reminds me to get back there to see what else they’ve got.

What I remember about The Association from the Ed Sullivan show, then later on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour is that they seemed so much larger than the usual 4-5 member rock bands of the mid-60s, and all six members sang, the task of lead singer not falling on just one set of shoulders. In reviewing their history, I found that some members came from Frank Zappa’s pre-Mothers group and The New Christy Minstrels. They were noted for their harmonizing and for the fact that they all came from different states including Hawaii, which for me at the time was more like a foreign nation. But even though I was a mere 10 when it came out, I remember thinking that the song “Cherish” was one of the most beautiful songs I’d ever heard (after “Because” by The Dave Clark Five). I would still rank it highly although it misled me into thinking that all boys with evil intentions wanted was to touch your face, your hands and gaze into your eyes – the cads. And then there was the “Along ComesMary” controversy, whether it was about marijuana, once nicknamed Mary Jane by our elders, or not. It may well be. Remember the whole big to do about the gay Teletubby. While we were calling the Christian Right nuts (c’mon, he was bigger than the others, had a deeper voice, was lavender in color, had a triangle on his head and carried a big red purse), the point would be better made not to deny these things, whether a teletubby is gay or whether a song from 1966 was about marijuana, but to just shrug and say who cares. In any case, here’s a link to a few Association songs, without “Cherish” which was one of their first hits. I looked for them on Ed Sullivan, but the Smothers Brothers is just as good. Really.

As a workout CD, the whole thing is only a half an hour long and I didn’t recognize many of the songs.

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