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June 6, 2014 / thackersam

June 5 – Stranger Than Fiction

Emma ThomsponAs a writer, I have an attraction to movies about writers, of course. In 2006, the movie Stranger Than Fiction became my favorite, beating out 2002’s entry and winner Adaptation. Third place may change now and then, but I did so like Rich and Famous with Jacqueline Bisset and Candace Bergen in 1981, with a nod to 1943’s Old Acquaintances with Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins. But Stranger Than Fiction has that preposterousness about it, that Will Ferrell carries off so well. Emma Thompson is the perfect voice for a narrator making even the most menial words sound intellectual and literary. But as the tortured writer she’s even more compelling, and I learned how a person desperate enough for a cigarette can smoke in the rain, not that I ever got to that point. Props also to Queen Latifah and her yellow umbrella.

But that has nothing to do with music or exercise so maybe this little tidbit will satisfy the theme of this blog. Two things you should know about Max; he loves shoelaces and he is a big boy. He’s also lonely. Lightbulb! It just so happens that I recently changed the laces in my sneakers and they’re laying out there on the floor for Max to play with whenever he wants. I’m running about for a portion of my workouts anyway, so how about if I drag a shoelace along the ground while I do. Max gets exercise and quality time and I get to exercise as well and alleviate my guilt. Win-Win. I get so caught up in it myself sometimes, I use both laces.

For someone who hangs on to most everything, I think I tossed my Mojo Nixon tape during one of the moves.

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