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May 18, 2014 / thackersam

May 17 – Saturday – With A Little Help From My Friends

CockerI’ve been exploring my tape collection, what’s left of it. It’s a small collection, made smaller by a malicious tape deck in my last stereo. Many of them were tapes I bought on sale, because they were on sale. The ravenous deck got ones I had specifically purchased at full price, like Sophie B. Hawkins and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

I discovered that the Joe Cocker tape With A Little Help From My Friends, which was definitely a sale purchase, isn’t all that interesting. At least not side one. I haven’t even bothered with the second side yet. Joe Cocker was one of those I regret not having in my album collection, but I think I will need to explore additional Cocker options to see, or hear, which CD I should buy for my new collection, which I ought to start now so in another 50 years, when we have thrice moved on from CDs, I can blog about my workout regime to those dusty old compact discs.

(Follow up: While typing, I put on side two that has been just eh. When we got to “With A Little Help From My Friends” it stopped. I don’t know what, why or how, nor quite how to put this, but darn it, my Cocker broke. I think I need Woodstock.)

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