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April 19, 2014 / thackersam

April 19 – Saturday – Tchaikovsky

Tchai 18121812 Festival Overture, Op. 49, Capricciio Italien, Antal Dorati, Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, blah, blah, blah.

From the family collection. I really had to get into a zone for this. Though I’m not into classical music, I could recognize the Overture, and it being morning, I could look out my window at the goings-on around the Statue of Liberty while attempting to work out. My red helicopter flew by. On weekdays, I can see it from my office window, where I have a partial view of the East River and the downtown heliport, which boasts several helicopters of varying sizes and colors. My favorite it the larger, solid red one. It always cheers me, so I felt fortunate as I marched around my apartment to music I don’t really appreciate, that it came by to remind me of what I do appreciate. Then some guy starts talking on the album and I really didn’t care to hear what he had to say, so I flipped the record over to side two. And then being totally bored with side two, I decided to move on to the next record.

Swan Lake, The Ballet Theatre Orchestra conducted by Joseph Levine. Tchai Swan

I’m very sorry to say that this did not inspire the inner ballerina that is supposed to be within every girl. Perhaps I should have started with this one, as I might have been a little less ambivalent towards it, but 1812 comes before Swan no matter how you slice it, s0 the morning of exercise was completely lackadaisical. I think it’s a good excuse that these were not my records, but the next one is.

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