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March 16, 2014 / thackersam

March 16 – Sunday – Bruce Springsteen – The River – Pt 2

I had forgotten about “Point Blank,” which has a harrowing sound that I like. It started off the second record, but there’s nothing else really memorable on it. Needless to say, I know all the songs and can still sing along, but keep in mind I was a bit of a fanatic then. And Bruce deserves his die-hard fans. I confess I remain a fan, but am no longer die-hard. The rest of the record is again a mix of haunted lovers, rockers, punks, thugs and the everyman, depending on your world, and of course there’s always a car. You can’t help realize the Miami Steve influence on the album that he co-produced with Bruce and Jon Landau, who had co-produced previous Springsteen albums. And I can’t ignore the song “Drive All Night,” in which Bruce, after repeating “you got my love” several times, croaks out “heart and soul” over and over like he was going to puke. If he was going for gut-wrenching, he got it. Lots of people didn’t like it. I actually did.

More Bruce to follow.Bruce for the River

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