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March 8, 2014 / thackersam

March 7 – Friday – BREAK!

GreatGrandfatherWe are heading right into another very important time for me in my music life. I am sure some of you can guess where we’re going. So I’m taking a break right now. I need to mull this over carefully and decide how to handle it. Whatever the plan, however, knowing me as I do, it will probably, at least in part, go all astray as soon as I play each album. I just hope I don’t muck it up.

Tonight, I pulled out The Best of Delaney & Bonnie, which still holds the first Ram alternative title, and added a little other Ram alternative, Bette Midler for a nice workout. Yesterday was one of those movies with the ex day, but unfortunately we broke our streak of seeing really good movies by going to see The Lego Movie, because one or both of us have already seen everything out at this very moment that we care to see, and we agreed that we both really liked Despicable Me, so had no problem going to see a kids’ movie. Still we had a good time and were the only ones in the theater. I actually had to go find the projectionist when it looked like they had forgotten us.

You don’t think I would share a picture of my great grandmother on my father’s father’s side, without also sharing my great grandfather on my father’s father’s side, do you? This is him.

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