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March 2, 2014 / thackersam

March 2 – Sunday – Slade – Sladest

Slade“I don’t want to drink my whisky, but still do.”

Slade rules and to Quiet Riot I say ptooey. Slade was really big in the early 1970s, then weren’t, and then a decade later Quiet Riot totally rips them off. I don’t know anything about Quiet Riot nor anything else that they’ve done other than Slade songs in Slade style, and I don’t want to, so I shan’t say another word about them. Slade however has long been on the list of ugliest rock bands (there is an actual list), which they kind of deserve. For a glam rock band they seem to have played up their unattractiveness, even though one guitarist was kind of cute. This compilation album consists of their hard rocking hits like “Cum On Feel The Noize,” “Gudbuy T’ Jane” and the above quoted “Mama Weer All Crazee Now.” It’s not exactly sophisticated music, but it got my heart pumping but good throughout the whole album. It’s not a stretching and chanting record either, but, yes indeed, it has made it onto the Ram alternative list. It is my only Slade album, so while their reign was short-lived in my rock ‘n roll realm, it did exist.

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