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February 21, 2014 / thackersam

February 20 – Thursday – Linda Ronstadt – Silk Purse

Rondstadt - Silk PurseThis too is a well-played album and was the first Linda Ronstadt record I bought. Know why? Three little words every Linda Ronstadt fan longs to hear – “Long Long Time.” WHAT a killer song. I was a high school sophomore, 14, maybe 15, with a crush on a very lovely looking but dopey senior, who didn’t know me from a hole in the wall. I would play “Long Long Time” over and over, breaking my heart just a little more each time. But that was before I learned to kiss, an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. So things often work out for the best. To those of you thinking but you said Let it Bleed was the only album you bought because of a guy, may I point out that I bought this because of a song, because of a guy. There’s a difference. Besides, the song has covered a lot of ground since then.

“Long Long Time” was my favorite Linda Ronstadt song, and really, how cute is the album cover. It explains when asked Ginger or Mary Ann (the only two castaways left, btw), most males pick Mary Ann, which would always surprise me. I didn’t even understand the appeal of this album cover for some time. Still, given all that this is not my favorite Ronstadt album. It’s number three out of three. However, I did not realize how much I would enjoy hearing her voice and the songs on all the albums again. Heart Like a Wheel will definitely be making a repeat appearance for listening and singing purposes. I had my apprehensions, after all they are a bunch of love and loss songs, but now I am thankful – practically giddy.

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