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February 8, 2014 / thackersam

February 7 – Friday – Bonnie Raitt – Nick of Time

Raitt, Bonnie NickofTimeNow, here we go. So it’s not the best workout album, but it is a mighty fine record. I first heard Bonnie Raitt sing “Women Be Wise” in the early 70s (Keep your mouth shut, don’t advertise your man). She was a young woman with a gritty, bluesy voice who played a slide guitar. She was a musician. She was cool. Then, nearly 20 years later, she bursts onto the scene with this album and hauled away a ton of Grammys. She only wrote the title song and the last one on the record, but covers a multitude of others artists’ songs, making each one of them her own. I just read that this spring she will join Bruce Springsteen and Don Henley on a tribute album to Jackson Browne. Very cool indeed. I’d pay tribute to Jackson Browne too if I could be sandwiched between those two.

At the Grammy’s the year that Bonnie Raitt won multiple awards, Bette Midler got one and excitedly got on stage and said, “Look Miss Bonnie Raitt, I got one too.” So to reunite Bonnie and Bette, I added the couple of Midler songs that I do to shorter albums, though this wasn’t one of them. I needed the extra workout tonight. I needed to work up a frenzied sweat, which for me doesn’t take that long. You know that saying “You look like you lost your best friend.” Well, I do, and I did. Just found out last night. Maybe I’ll write about it some other time, but not now.

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