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January 28, 2014 / thackersam

January 27 – Monday – The Muppets – The Muppet Show

MuppetsI’m sorry, yes it’s another kids’ album, but to tell the truth this was a gift to me when I was in my early 20s. The Muppets bring back such memories. I had my first real job and it was just before I moved out of my mother’s house at just shy of 22. On Monday nights I would walk home from the train station, the only one walking in car-ruled suburbia. I knew at 7:30 the Muppet Show would come on, and that made me happy. I’d walk home, with cars whizzing by, whistling, humming and singing the Muppet Show theme song.

I had fun with this album. Who doesn’t love the classic “Mahna Mahna?” And that Kermit. When introducing Gonzo, he said, “Here’s the most unusual act you will ever see, especially on a record album.” What a card. He also sang Groucho Marx’s “Lydia the Tattooed Lady.” My Muppet crush? Rowlf the piano playing dog who is featured on the album singing “Cottleston Pie” and a duet with Sam the American Eagle on “Tit Willow,” and in the skit Veterinarian’s Hospital. Oh, and when I was talking about drummers being overlooked in a previous post, I should have mentioned Animal from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. He is one powerful drummer.

Additionally, I was going to discuss last night’s Grammy show, which I watched just to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr perform together, because this year I never heard of the majority of nominees. I so enjoyed the show in the past couple of years, however because of that and the fact that Paul and Ringo didn’t do an old Beatle song, last night’s show was pretty disappointing for me.

But, I started the workout a little late tonight. I was treated to probably the most magnificent fireworks display I have ever seen. Of course, whenever it begins I am immediately startled and then realize what it is I hear. Tonight, there was something different. My apartment was shaking. Sure ‘nuff, when I opened the blinds it was different. It was closer than it has been in the time I’ve lived here. Two boats I could see, and probably a third obscured from my sight, were right outside my window on the Hudson, bursts of color shooting at me in pairs, and exploding at what seemed like a mere arms-length away. Big booms and cascading colors, it was spectacular. My insides are still vibrating from it. I think I have the Super Bowl to thank for that.

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