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January 15, 2014 / thackersam

January 14 – Tuesday – Van Morrison – Wavelength

Morrison, VanVan Morrison’s song “Moondance” is by far one of the all-around best songs ever! It’s fantabulous. But, it’s not on this album.

Over the years, the decades, I’ve appreciated Van Morrison in bits and pieces, and guess I still do. His music, not the top 10 stuff, is really cool, a rock/jazz mix. As for this record, other than the title song, which was why I bought this particular album, I don’t recognize another note on it. Still, I had not a bad workout, considering. It’s a longer album than most of the others with longer songs, but I seem to be lacking a little energy tonight, so didn’t get the full benefits. I’ll be taking a break tomorrow, but when we return, we will be taking another odd turn.

Fitness update: I am having a tough time getting the rest of the holiday weight off, but only have three pounds to go. I feel as fat as I did three months ago, but I know I’m not only getting a bit more toned, I must also be losing a some belly as my head is coming closer and closer to my knees when I do sit-ups. There’s not as much stomach in the way. Max however, looks like he might have put on a few extra ounces, even though he likes exercise time.

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