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January 4, 2014 / thackersam

January 4 – Saturday – Lee Michaels – Barrel

Lee Michaels - BarrellYesterday was a snow day! Unfortunately it was also a sick day.

Barrel was the next album and follows the self-titled record, which was not Lee Michael’s first, in chronological order as well.

The workout tonight was adequate. I only kinda, sorta remember anything about this album, but I’m diggin’ it. There’s not much distinction from one song to another, but despite the organ making it sound a bit churchy here and there, it’s a decent listening album.

I had been invited for an early dinner on the 1st by my friend whose family I had spent most holidays with since high school and for many years after. She was having a New Year gathering that consisted of some members of her and her husband’s families. Her brother-in-law was talking about his new novel, which really does sound kind of interesting, of which he said he had been working on for an embarrassing amount of time. I had to know what other’s thought an embarrassing amount of time was, so I asked how long. Ten years, he said. I confessed, and perhaps it was the wine, that my play had begun 20 years ago when the title popped into my head, but I think it’s more like 25. I swear it’s almost there but for the tweaking.

In any case, this is how this story relates, in case you think I’ve gone off on another tangent. Also at dinner was one of my friend’s brothers. The one with the really large record collection. If we go all the way back to the beginning of this particular blog project, perhaps you will recall that I discovered that the very first record exercised to – Alice Cooper’s Love it to Death, was not so honestly procured, and that was not a very good way to start. It was his album. I ‘fessed up, which I think I would have done with or without the wine. He didn’t seem to remember having the album, or care about its loss, but his wife told me he still has his record collection, which last time I saw it more than 30 years ago, could eat mine whole and still have room for dessert. I salivated at the thought.

Next, we discuss my first trip to the Fillmore East.

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