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December 22, 2013 / thackersam

December 21 – Saturday – The Mamas and the Papas – If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears

Mamas&Papas If you can...I am SO excited. We’ve hit the M’s. I think this will be my favorite letter of the collection. It does make sense as three of my favorite things on this earth, my three favorite things of nature are mockingbirds, marigolds and monarch butterflies. And, some of my favorite things in music (and not so favorite, but I’ll bet you all will enjoy them anyway) start with M and now start with the Mamas and the Papas.

The harmonies and beautiful voices of Cass Elliot and Denny Doherty, plus the production skills of John Phillips are amazing. Not to overlook the contributions of Michelle Phillips, whose stunning good looks played off nicely against the rotund Mama Cass, who had personality galore. How appropriate to segue from the Lovin’ Spoonful to the Mamas and the Papas (see mention in Wednesday’s post). Also, this album contains a song called “Somebody Groovy” a word used in some Lovin’ Spoonful songs. I never said “groovy,” not even in jest. I was a little young though. Perhaps if I… nah.

It’s a pretty good album, just particular to that era. “Monday, Monday” and “California Dreamin'” are probably the group’s most recognizable songs, though I prefer tunes like “Got A Feelin.'” A couple of the songs are kind of stupid.

I hope this excitement raises my spirits with longer lasting impact. Got to get through the holidays, and it’s not always easy. Yes, I have been doing the workouts, but have not been eating wisely, and it seems to be on purpose. But we do have the McCartney and Lee Michaels albums coming up, plus a treat for Christmas.

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