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December 9, 2013 / thackersam

December 7 – Saturday – Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee JonesBack in 1979, the musical guest on Saturday Night Live one Saturday night was Rickie Lee Jones. I’d no idea who that was. Her unique and natural jazz/rock style and beatnik attire that could have come off as gimmicky in another’s hands was appealing because she was so authentic and different. I, like many others was very impressed with her persona as well as her talent as a writer and musician, but I didn’t go right out and buy this, her first album. She had a pretty big hit with “Chuck E’s in Love.”

Now you remember the previously mentioned ex, I hope, and how, while we are very good friends now, we had a bit of a tumultuous relationship in the past. We were on and off from when I was 26, and finally split soon after I turned 38. I like to explain that during that time we broke up so many times that we were actually only together for about a week and a half. But, at the beginning of this 12-year period, my best friend had this album and would play the song “Company” for me whenever the ex and I would break up. I eventually had to purchase the record myself. It got played a lot, and a lot of tears were shed as Rickie wailed out the word “crying” over and over. Then, my brother died, and the song took on a whole new, and more significant meaning for me.

I saw Rickie Lee Jones in concert with the boyfriend that looked like Bruce Springsteen during one of those ex breaks, and she did a lovely, slow version of “Walk Away Renee” (for those of you scratching your heads about now, it was The Left Bank), accompanying herself on piano. Great song and great rendition.

Not a good workout album, but a good album nonetheless.

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