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November 30, 2013 / thackersam

November 29 – Friday – The Hooters – Nervous Night

HootersGood album to come back to. Side one is particularly good consisting of the early Hooters hits that first brought them their much deserved attention in the mid-80s. Talented boys from Philadelphia. I saw them in some relatively small concert venue in New York City after this album came out. They put on a very impressive show.

So this was a three day break during which time I have been eating up a storm, and eating things that have added to my puffed out stomach (cheese, ice cream, pie, Jell-O shots). I just didn’t feel like exercising the night before my birthday, and was busy celebrating said birthday the next day. I had a great birthday, all day, topped with friends coming over that evening. One friend gave me a couple of album cover frames – but which ones to pick to hang on the wall??

I had Thanksgiving dinner with a friend and helped her pack to move farther uptown. We ate at a diner having a slightly better than mediocre turkey dinner and awful service that didn’t dampen my mood or deter me from the task at hand of packing up the kitchen, a task I am really very good at. I ate my leftovers as soon as I got home while watching the tail end of a PBS documentary called Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation. This music movement started before my time, music-wise, and the show focused on musicians who influenced music, social awareness and activism in the very early 1960s, and how they were persecuted for being “un-American.” The gentle folksinger Pete Seeger was blacklisted for not ratting out people whose big crime was singing out against war. I would feel those influences as artists like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Buffy St. Marie and even Phil Ochs spilled over into my music world largely due to shows like Ed Sullivan and later the Smothers Brothers. And of course, FM radio.

I almost didn’t exercise again tonight either. That momentum thing again. I’ve got to force myself sometimes, sometimes a lot, but I always feel better for it. Knowing me the way I do, it also has to do with avoidance of writing as well. I have to write every time I work out, and sometimes that scares me. But once I start the routine, the typewriter in my head goes clickety-clack, and results in yet another blog post.



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