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November 6, 2013 / thackersam

November 5 – Tuesday – Electric Light Orchestra – OLÉ ELO

ELO_album_cover_Olé_ELO[1]ELO was a really innovative band that mixed rock and classical music, and did it well. I remember seeing them on a show like Midnight Special and recall some little guy playing a cello or viola running around the stage. It was good music and good showmanship.

It was a tough choice whether to play side 2 of the album first for the recognizable songs that I thought would benefit the aerobic part of the workout, or the less familiar side 1. I decided that I should go in order, and then I flipped it over.

This is called a “compilation” album. I guess the term “best of” is not cool enough, but side 2 does contain some really great songs like “Strange Magic,” “I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” and “Evil Woman.” I had wanted to be thought of as that evil woman, but I was actually too stupid to be evil. That’s okay though. I’d rather be stupid than evil. Now I am much smarter, and have learned that even though evil is prevalent, I don’t have to go there. Nobody does. And that’s the end of the sermon for the day.

Anyway, flipping the album was a wise choice, and gosh darnit, I must say I like this album. Side 1, eh, not so much. It’s a little draggy, but I was able to get my writing done while lying on my back, after leg-lifts and such, then get a bit more action in with the last song on the side, ELO’s version of “Roll Over Beethoven.”

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