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November 4, 2013 / thackersam

November 3 – Sunday – The Doors – Waiting for the Sun

This is another of my brother’s albums, so I don’t have any memories connected to it, except – what the hell happened to Val Kilmer? He was so hot playing Jim Morrison in The Doors movie, and now… well perhaps he just needs to break out his old albums.

There is a street in Brooklyn named Love Lane, which each time I passed conjured up the song “Love Street,” from this album. I wanted to live on Love Lane. It was very short and you could see to one end from the other. I would pass on the exit side, which was lovingly adorned by a stop sign, a do not enter sign, and a one-way sign. It made me want to live there all the more.

My favorite Doors song – “Love Me Two Times,” which is not on this album. Oh, and “Don’t You Love Her,” but that’s an ex-boyfriend thing.

All in all, not a bad album to return from a three-day absence, but nothing memorable. Here’s a picture of Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. thCA26JXC8

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