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October 27, 2013 / thackersam

October 26 – Saturday – Crosby, Still & Nash

Some of the songs on each of the albums have a transporting effect and I find myself reliving particular events. I do that anyway for more memorable occurrences, good and bad, but now it’s more pinpointed to really minor stuff.

I vividly recall lying on my twin-sized bed in my tiny bedroom with records and a battery-operated record player sharing my space on the bed. This album was on the turntable, so rather than rising from my lounging position, I stretched out my leg and turned the record player on with my foot. I had very talented toes back then. I then lifted the arm with that same foot and gently placed it on side two. Except the arm slipped from my toes and the needle landed on “Wooden Ships” right on the second G in the word language. To this day the line plays as “Because that is something everybody, everywhere does in the same languid.”

Even without the dent I made in the record, it’s a very crackly album, and deservedly so. It still holds up. What a great blending of voices in a unique sound. This may make another appearance, when I’m just listening.

Oh, and of course I had a crush on Graham Nash, back from his Hollies days. And David Crosby too. I had a thing for facial hair.

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