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October 17, 2013 / thackersam

October 16 – Wednesday – The Cars

Thank goodness The Cars were next in line. It’s a good album. The first for the boys from Boston. However, I chose not to follow up on them. It’s a very bouncy record, well-suited for a workout. I just wish I liked it more. I think I’m finding it a bit redundant, but nonetheless, it is a contender as a Ram alternate. I broke my rule of working on my bat wings to the second song of each album, as the second song of this one is “My Best Friend’s Girl.” As a matter of fact, I had to play it twice. I needed to write thoughts down immediately before they escaped, so I missed a little of the song, plus I just wanted to hear and dance to it again.

During the workouts, I keep two notebooks by the mat: this one – the workout journal; and another for any other thoughts. I may have said this previously, but I’m a notebook kind of gal. Of course I keep a pen handy (I love pens) and my cell phone, more for the time than anything else. Not to talk on it. I’m not big on talking on the phone. I also keep a small battery-operated fan and a glass of water nearby. If I work up a sweat AND get a hot flash simultaneously, I’m in trouble.

Coming up is another one of those albums.

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