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October 10, 2013 / thackersam

September 8 – Sunday – Karla Bonoff

I guess I must have liked this album when I bought it. More than one song is not unfamiliar. Karla Bonoff wrote songs covered by Linda Rondstadt, and while she had a pretty enough voice, it’s kind of oomphless. Needless to say, the record is not an inspiring workout album.

But I saved a praying mantis today. It was on the walkway in front of a somewhat high-security building. The young security guard standing outside didn’t know what it was and wasn’t getting near it. I guess they are kind of scary looking if you didn’t grow up with myth that it was a federal offense to kill a praying mantis. We learned to respect them, even play with them, holding up a finger for one to box. I laughed at the guard who laughed at himself for being afraid of a bug, a big prehistoric looking bug, and he watched cautiously as I bent down and coaxed it to hop into my hand. I quickly put it in a bush and reassured the guard that they’re really very gently creatures, unless you’re an insect.

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