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October 10, 2013 / thackersam

September 17 – Tuesday – David Bowie – Pin Ups

th[5]A compilation of English Beat songs from the ‘60s, with Bowie and Twig the Wonderkid (aka Twiggy) on the cover, Pin Ups was better than the previous Bowie records, particularly for exercising as the songs are pretty peppy, but Bowie will have to remain a pleasant memory. Who’s got a voice like that, though? So distinctive, so seductive, so odd. Like Christopher Walken, in that distinctive way – and odd, and yes, seductive. I happen to think Christopher Walken is sexy, okay!

I’m still getting over this flu-like thing I have that makes the chanting part of the workout particularly difficult though I do it anyway, softly and slowly, even if it ends in coughing.

BTW – My goal in life, even as a skinny kid, never involved looking like Twiggy.

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