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October 10, 2013 / thackersam

September 11 –Wednesday – Bowie Live

My thoughts on this day are for another notebook. My thoughts on the first record of the double album Bowie Live as best represented by one word – eh. Aladdin Sane didn’t turn out to be as wonderful as it started out to be either. I have higher hopes for Pin Ups and won’t be ditching my man just yet.

Here’s an interesting and totally relevant observation I made today. I was in Duane Reade looking to replenish my over the counter menopause medication, of which I take two kinds. I think I’ve found a decent combination. Of course, they keep them on the bottom shelf no more than an inch off the floor. So I squat down and took a couple of boxes off the shelf to read labels, which I am doing when it occurs to me that I was having no problem staying in that position. Instead of jumping up when I had to, which would have been immediately just a week ago, I convinced myself that I better not push it and rose without incident.

Losing no weight – which annoys me, yet I am less perturbed because I am enjoying myself. Plus, I can squat again!

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