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October 9, 2013 / thackersam

September 1 – Sunday – The Beatles – The White Album, pt 2

Really enjoyed the beer and chicken last night. And tonight, well lo and behold, I am back in it and hey, despite nights, about two weeks-worth now, of horrible sleep, sometimes only getting 3-4 hours of broken slumber, waking up every two hours, I made myself do things today – like laundry. Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing about laundry rooms, I don’t know why, but I do, so that was a big deal. Back to the White Album. What do I do with Revolution #9? It’s impossible to exercise to, even just doing the floor exercises. And then wouldn’t you know it, it skips, and it’s a repeater. So I have to lower my legs, get up and find the right time to bump the turntable to get it going again, also not an easy task. And that John Lennon! Turns out “I Am the Walrus” is just a nonsense song with no hidden meaning, according to research, so the phrase “the walrus was Paul” is probably only profound to me.

I remember the night John Lennon died. Something woke me up at 2am. Something I felt was going to keep me up a bit – no biggie at that time in my mid-twenties. I’ll just turn on the radio, WNEW, and listen as I fall back asleep. But something was up. All the DJs were there, well a lot of them, in the studio, at 2am. The mood was somber – In case you’re just joining us, one of them said as if he knew I had just tuned in, and then he told me John Lennon had been shot.

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